The european network of search in the field of the concrete and cement
16-09-15 - 18-09-15
19th Ibausil
Location: Weimar, DE
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Karen Scrivener elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
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PhD Position in the field of cement chemistry

Empa/PSI, Switzerland

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Nanoscience for Sustainable Cement and Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. The complex processes that turn cement, water, sand and gravel into concrete take place at the level of atoms and individual crystals, and because of this, they have long been shrouded in mystery.



Thanks to recent technological developments, we are beginning to understand these nanoscale processes.


It's an exciting time to study cement and concrete, because for the first time the behavior of these materials can be looked at from a scientific perspective. This knowledge will enable the industry to develop new materials and help reduce the environmental impacts of cement and concrete production.

Nanocem is a consortium of academic and industrial partners, all interested in fundamental research in the nanoscale science of cement and concrete. Working together, the members of Nanocem can make technological breakthroughs in the field, providing added value for the industry around the world.