Training and secondments

Training and Secondments
We plan a comprehensive ESR training programme that fully spans technical competencies and transferable skills including outreach and impact and an awareness of societal attitudes to science and engineering. The training will be delivered through a combination of structured teaching in Schools, discussion in workshops, individual mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and the provision of on-line resources.
An objective of the training package is to ensure that a legacy of tangible assets, e.g. in the form of Massive-On-line Open Courses (MOOCS), is left for future cohorts.
The heart of the training comprises 5 Residential Schools, 4 Workshops, Industrial Secondments averaging 5 months total for each ESR, the ERICA conference and a series of extended ESR activities in outreach, impact and entrepreneurship. The main events are listed in Table below.



The employability of ESRs is enhanced by work-experience outside academia. To that end, all ESRs’ training includes 5 months of non-academic sector (industrial) secondment during which part of the research of relevance to the secondment host and to which the host can contribute strongly will be carried out.  The Industrial Beneficiary and Partners host secondments averaging 5 months for each University based ESR.

To further enable collaboration, most secondments are arranged so that two or more ESRs spend time at the industrial host together. All involve moving to a different country, increasing international exposure. ESRs additionally spend an average of 1.5 months each on Academic Secondments in order to collaborate and share know-how and results within research themes and to broaden experience.