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PhD Position in the field of cement chemistry

Empa/PSI, Switzerland

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MC-RTN: Training Course 2




Characterisation Techniques for Cementitious Materials

Ljubljana, Slovenia
March 5-9, 2007

Preliminary Announcement [PDF]


Shashank Bishnoi, EPFL, Switzerland
Bruno Capra, Oxand, France
Emmanuel Gallucci, EPFL, Switzerland
Igor Grabec,AMANOVA, Slovenia
Mette Geiker, Tech. Univ., Denmark
Tommy B. Hansen, Aalborg Portland, Denmark
Barbara Lothenbach , EMPA, Switzerland
Gregor Mali, Nat. Inst. Chem., Slovenia
Urs Müller, BAM, Germany
Franc Svegl, ZAG, Slovania
Joerg Vogelsang, SIKA, Switzerland

Organized by

Franc Svegl, ZAG, Slovenia
Mette Geiker, Tech. Univ. Denmark
Karen Scrivener, EPFL, Switzerland

Scope of Course

The present course is the second of six one-week courses given as part of the NANOCEM MC-RTN. The objective of this second course is to introduce the participant to techniques for characterization as well as experimental design, project management, and career possibilities in industry.

Course Contents

The following subjects are covered in the course:

•  Mechanical testing, porosity characterization
•  Thermal and X-ray methods
•  Optical and electron microscopy, computer tomography
•  Spectroscopy (FITR, Raman, NMR)
•  Thermodynamical modelling of composition
•  Modelling of microstructure
•  Experimental design and project management
•  Career possibilities

The course consists of connected lectures and a visit to the laboratories of ZAG and the Chemical Institute of Slovenia. As part of the course the participants are to present their projects.

Social activities during the course are planned to promote a stimulating study atmosphere.

Work Load

The estimated work load corresponds to 2 ECTS points, including approximately 26 hours of contact and an individual report after the course.

Study Materials

Notes will be provided before the course.


In order to get the credits, the participants will present a written report, using the course content in connection with their research area.


THe participants are expected to have a basic knowledge oc concrete technology. All lectures will be given in English. These courses are also open to other students. Preference will be given to students who can attend the whole series.


The course fee of € 700.-- will apply for the entire course for industrial participants. A reduced tariff of € 350.-- will aply for students. The participants will be responsible for travel, meals and accomodation.


The course will be held at the Grand Hotel Union Business in Ljubljana Slovenia. The hotel is located in the center of Ljubljana.
Price per person: € 619.--, (includes accommodation, all meals and coffee breaks)

Address: Grand Hotel Union Business
Grand hotel Union, d.d.
Miklošiceva 3
1000 Ljubljana
tel: +386 (0)1 308 11 70
fax: +386 (0)1 308 19 14
e-mail: E-mail:


Applicants should register by
January 15, 2007

Registration form [PDF]

Further Information

Marie-Alix Dalang-Secrétan
Bâtiment MX G
Station 12
CH - 1015 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 693 58 45
Fax:+41 21 693 58 00