The european network of search in the field of the concrete and cement
16-09-15 - 18-09-15
19th Ibausil
Location: Weimar, DE
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Karen Scrivener elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
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PhD Position in the field of cement chemistry

Empa/PSI, Switzerland

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Theme B: Experimental Input to Modelling

Theme B comprises 6 projects that build the experimental parameter data-base needed as input to the modelling developed in Theme A. Projects 6 and 7 develop the characterisation of materials and transport coefficients. Project 7 additionally provides a materials bank for other projects. Project 10 develops cryo-porometry as a new technique for the characterisation of water filling / emptying of nano-pores in cements. Project 8 characterises the morphology of C-S-H, including synthesised C-S-H much used as a test material. Project 11 maps micro-cracks in concrete using ion beam methods and develops as a tool for others to use. Likewise Project 9 develops and disseminates magnetic resonance methods.

Projects in theme B

Project 6

Wetting and drying cycles The effect of hysteresis on transport

1ESR; Host: Lund, Industrial Advisor: Heidelberg & Simco

Objectives. To experimentally determine water transport pathways, mechanisms and coefficients in cements, cement analogues and concretes to support the modelling theme, especially P 5.

Project 7:

-structural characterisation

1ESR; Host: EPFL, Industrial Advisor: Holcim & Intron

Objectives: To develop a materials databank and characterise the microstructure of the cementitious materials used within other research projects including quantification of solid phases, their distribution and porosity. 

Project 8:

Relationship between composition, structure and morphology in C-S-H

1 ESR; Host: Leeds, Industrial Advisor: Holcim

Objectives: To determine the morphology of C-S-H and whether links exist between composition, structure and morphology or whether it is only kinetically controlled.

Project 9:

NMR Imaging and relaxation analysis

1 ESR Host: Surrey, Industrial Advisor: Lafarge

Objectives: To provide the NMR relaxation and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data required to support the atomic level modelling (Ps 1, 2) and modelling of transport in cements and concretes (Ps 3, 4, 5).

Project 10:


1 ESR; Host: DTU, Industrial Advisor: Lafarge

Objectives: To (i) better understand water absorption / desorption hysteresis effects; (ii) create a new perspective on understanding C-S-H porosity and (iii) understand freezing behaviour of pore liquid in cementitious materials.

Project 11:

Characterisation of μ-cracks in concrete and transport in concrete

1ESR; Host: UPC, Industrial Advisor:  Sika

Objectives: To develop experimental techniques for the micro/nanoscale characterisation of cracks and phase distribution in mortar and concrete through 2D and 3D integrated in-situ imaging of physico-chemical tomography