The european network of search in the field of the concrete and cement
16-09-15 - 18-09-15
19th Ibausil
Location: Weimar, DE
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Karen Scrivener elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
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PhD Position in the field of cement chemistry

Empa/PSI, Switzerland

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Theme C: Experimental Validation of Modelling

Theme C comprises 4 projects that together validate the output at the different length scales of the modelling programme (Theme A). These projects are hosted by and conducted within the private sector partners by the industrial doctorate ESRs to ensure high end-user relevance of the overall programme.

Projects in theme C

Project 12:

Validation of LB modelling

1 ESR (Industrial Doctorate); Host: Lafarge, Academic Partner for Industrial PhD: Surrey.

Objectives: To make experimental measurements to validate the emergent picture, from Ps 1, 2, 5 and 8, of water dynamics in synthetic C-S-H and C-S-H analogues.

Project 13:

Validation and application of transport models

1 ESR (Industrial Doctorate); Host: Holcim, Academic Partner for Industrial PhD: EPFL

Objectives: To validate and apply the derived model with respect to water transport properties of hydrating cement/concrete systems.

Project 14:

Validation of evolved scientific basis to conventional tests

1 ESR (Industrial Doctorate); Host: Heidelberg, Academic partner for Industrial PhD: Surrey

Objectives: To test emergent understanding of the scientific basis to established tests for water dynamics and transport in cement based materials

Project 15:

Validation of modelling with respect to drying and shrinkage

1 ESR (Industrial Doctorate); Host: Sika, Academic partner for Industrial PhD: EPFL

Objectives: To validate developed models of water transport in systems where shrinkage and hence cracking upon curing / drying is notable.