Nanocem Workshop Tribute to Ellis Gartner

Following the sudden passing of Ellis Gartner last February, Nanocem is organizing a workshop on the topic of hydration of cement, one of his numerous interests in cement Chemistry.


Flyer of the event [PDF]


  • Period I, to end of induction, including dissolution
  • Period II, main peak
  • Period II, after main peak
  • Nucleation and growth outside cements
  • Nucleation and growth C-S-H
  • Reaction aluminates
  • Others related topics

Organising Committee

  • Paul Bowen, EPFL
  • Robert Flatt, ETHZ
  • Patrick Juilland, Sika
  • Christophe Labbez, Univ. Bourgogne
  • Barbara Lothenbach, Empa
  • Joergen Skibsted, Univ. Aarhus
  • Karen Scrivener, EPFL