Carbonation Behaviour of Low-Clinker Cements

PhD Theses

  • Microstructure and Phase Assemblages of Low-Clinker Cements during Early Stages of Carbonation, Julia A. Herterich [PDF]
  • Impact du séchage au jeune âge sur la carbonatation des matériaux cimentaires avec additions minérales, Matthieu Bertin [PDF]
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  • M.BERTIN, O. OMIKRINE-METALSSI, V. BAROGHEL-BOUNY, B. I. OURO KOURA, (2017) Impact of drying and carbonation on microstruscture and dimensional changes for supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), 14th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components, 29-31 May, Ghent [PDF]
  • Microstructure and Phase Assemblage of Low-Clinker Cements during Early Stages of Carbonation Julia Herterich, L Black and I Richardson, 36th Cement and Concrete Conference, Cardiff, September 2016
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