Innovation of cementitious materials

Information regarding the content and location of 6 network-wide TRANSCEND training courses


This training course started on 11 February 2013 and ended on 13 February 2013

  • Laure Berruet, Lafarge
  • Gilles Chanvillard, Lafarge
  • Jeff Chen, Lafarge
  • Dominique Corvez, Lafarge
  • Robert Flatt, ETHZ
  • Ellis Gartner, Lafarge 
  • Mette Geiker, NTNU 
  • Pietro Lura, EMPA
  • Karen Scrivener, EPFL
  • Gunther Walenta, Lafarge
Organised by
Jeff Chen, Lafarge Centre de Recherche, France
Mette Geiker, NTNU, Norway
Karen Scrivener, EPFL, Switzerland

The present course is the last of six intensive courses given as part of the TRANSCEND Initial Training Network, which is a programme funded by the European Community with an emphasis on mobility. The TRANSCEND MC-ITN supports 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) over a period of four years.

The objective of this course is to introduce the students to considerations related to innovations in the cement and concrete industry.

Course Content

The following subjects are covered in the course:

  • The society of tomorrow
  • Innovation
  • Driving forces for innovation in the cement and concrete industry
  • Case stories of implemented innovations
  • Generic reasons for non-completed innovation projects
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Patenting

The course consists of lectures in English and visits.

Social activities during the course are planned to promote a stimulating study atmosphere.

Work Load
Approximately 16 hours of contact plus a report.
Short paper (5 pages, font size 12, double spaced) answering the question "How can innovations in the cement and concrete industries help resolve the world's major challenges in the 21st century?". This paper is to be handed 30st January 2013. Each participants will present one slide highlighting the most important points. (details given on request).


The course is aimed at PhD students and practicing engineers dealing with cementitious materials and with a basic knowledge of cement chemistry. The participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of cement production and concrete technology.


Participants are to pay:

  • The course fee of € 350 will apply for the entire course for industrial participants. A reduced tariff of € 300 will apply for students.
  • The participants will be responsible for travel, accommodation and non-covered meals.

Provisional reservations for participants have been made at the Novotel Lyon Gerland where the meeting will be held. Price per person and night: 135.00 €, accommodation, breakfast and VAT included. Students are encouraged to share rooms

  • Participants are requested to make their reservation directly to the Hotel.
  • Cancellations fees: According to the Hotel.

Novotel Lyon Gerland, 70 avenue Leclerc, LYON CEDEX 07, 69363 LYON, France 
tel: +33 4 72 71 11 01, fax: +33 4 72 71 11 00
Reservations should be made by January 15, 2013

• Dinner in town: Location to be announced.

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