Sorption and transport processes of Cementitious Materials

Information regarding the content and location of 6 network-wide TRANSCEND training courses


This training course started on 27 June 2011 and ended on 01 July 2011

Lars Wadsö, Lund University, Sweden
Björn Johannesson, DTU, Denmark
Organised by
Lars Wadsö, Lund University, Sweden
Mette Geiker, DTU, Denmark
The present course is the third of six one-week courses given as part of the TRANSCEND MC-ITN. The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to sorption and transport phenomena in cementitious materials and other materials, and to discuss applications of these phenomena, for example in the field of concrete technology.
Course Content

The following subjects are covered in the course: 

  • Sorption
  • Capillarity and suction
  • Transport phenomena 
  • Complex transport processes
  • Composite materials
  • Applications

The course consists of connected lectures and study visits to labs and worksites.

Social activities during the course are planned to promote a stimulating study atmosphere.

Work Load
The estimated work load corresponds to 1 ECTS points, including approximately 28 hours of contact and an individual report after the course.
Study Material
Notes will be provided before the course
In order to get the credits, the participants will take a written examination to be completed at home.
The participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of concrete technology. All lectures will be given in English. These courses are also open to other students. Preference will be given to students who can attend the whole series.
The course fee of € 500 will apply for the entire course for industrial participants. A reduced tariff of € 350 will apply for students. The participants will be responsible for travel, meals and accommodation.
For those participants who need accommodation in Lund we recommend Hotel Sparta (Tunavägen 39, Lund) that is only a five minute walk from the course location. Contact Hotel Sparta at (, phone +46 46 191600, fax +46 46 128525). If you tell them the code "TRANSCEND" you will get a university price of 699 SEK per night (single room and double room; find someone to share it with) (1 SEK?0.1 €). Book your room early.
Applicants should register by May 31, 2011.
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