From microstructure to performance testing

Information regarding the content and location of 6 network-wide TRANSCEND training courses


This training course started on 25 June 2012 and ended on 27 June 2012

  • Ignasi Casanova, UPC, Spain
  • Jacques Marchand, Simco, Canada
  • Joost Gulikers, RWS, The netherlands
  • Karen Scrivener, EPFL, Switzerland 
  • Keifei Li, Tsinghua University, China
  • Mette Geiker, NTNU, Norway
  • Mike Thomas, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • M. Boutz, SGS Intron, The Netherland
  • R. Torrent, Switzerland
Organised by
Ignasi Casanova, UPC, Spain 
Mette Geiker, NTNU, Norway
Karen Scrivener, EPFL, Switzerland

The present course is the fifth of six intensive courses given as part of the TRANSCEND Initial Training Network, which is a programme funded by the European Community with an emphasis on mobility. The TRANSCEND MC-ITN supports 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) over a period of four years. 

The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to performance testing of concrete and to discuss their application in practice in relation to current knowledge on the microstructure and properties of cementitious materials.

In this course we will present the latest thinking on the way the microstructure of concrete forms and how it determines the transport of species into the concrete. This section will include new results emerging from the TRANSCEND project and the wider work of Nanocem.

This will be linked to current approaches to performance based design and evaluation with lectures from leading practioners in the field from North America (Jacques Marchand of Simco) and Europe (Intron).

With this combination of lectures we aim to bridge the gap between the latest advances in understanding cementitious materials and practical application

Course Content

The following subjects are covered in the course:

  • Microstructure and porosity of cementitious systems
  • Structure of C-S-H
  • Performance testing
  • Applications to engineering problems

Social activities during the course are planned to promote a stimulating study atmosphere. 




25 June 2012


26 June 2012


27 June 2012



Specifications and performance testing

Applications to engineering problems


L01 Microstructure of concrete

K. Scrivener

L05 Science and Engineering of Accelerated Testing

I. Casanova

L09 Applications to engineering problems–1

J. Marchand


coffee break

coffee break

coffee break


L02 Structure of C-S-H

K. Scrivener

L06 Performance testing, in-situ testing

R. Torrent

L10 Applications to engineering problems–2

J. Marchand






L03 Interaction of concrete with environment
M. Thomas

L07 Durability design in China: approaches and methods
KeFei Li

L11 Applications to engineering problems–3
M. Boutz


coffee break

coffee break

coffee break


L04 Performance testing, lab testing
M. Geiker

L08 Standards, guidelines and specifications 
J. Gulikers

L12 Service life prediction for sustainability assessment
M. Geiker







Dinner in town


Work Load
Approximately 18 hours of contact plus a report.
Short paper (5 pages) on how you expect your work will contribute to the design for durability of concrete structures. This paper is to be handed 31st July 2012.
The course is aimed at PhD students and practicing engineers dealing with cementitious materials and with a basic knowledge of cement chemistry.

Participants are to pay:

  • The course fee of € 400 will apply for the entire course for industrial participants. A reduced tariff of € 300 will apply for students.
  • The participants will be responsible for travel, accommodation and non-covered meals

Provisional reservations for participants have been made at

Participants are requested to make their reservation directly to the Hotel.
Registration including payment of 30% up front should be made by 29th February 2012.
Cancellations fees: According to the Hotel.
Dinner in town: Location to be announced.

List of other hotels:

Deadline for registration: April 30th, 2012
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