The main objectives of TRANSCEND, from training 15 ESRs to address the on-going shortage of scientists specialized in cement and concrete

TRANSCEND – Understanding Transport for Concrete which is eco friendly, iNnovative and Durable

The Marie Curie Initial Training Network TRANSCEND is a four-year programme funded by the European Community (Framework Programme 7) which aims at understanding water transport in concrete structures. Water transport is responsible for degradation and must be understood to ensure durability, which in turn will allow the introduction of new, more sustainable cementitious materials.

The network is closely integrating the academic and private sectors. The later is directly employing 4 of the 15 fellows. The formal training programme will provide the basis for a European doctoral school in Cement and Concrete Science and Technology.

The main objectives of this project

  • Train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) with a knowledge of the modelling and experimental tools needed to support the introduction of more sustainable concretes to address the on going shortage of trained scientists and engineers specialising in cement and concrete science.
  • Train these same 15 ESRs in complimentary skills and development approaches in industry
  • Carry out a research programme integrating modelling and experimental approaches to understand and predict water transport in cement and concretes required to guarantee the durability of new, more environmentally friendly construction materials needed to fulfil the demands of society.
  • Create a European Doctoral School in Cement and Concrete Science and Technology by the creation and delivery of a suite of Professional (RILEM) and University Accredited Courses.