Access to CemGEMS app

Welcome to Nanocem CemGEMS web app for thermodynamic simulations of cement hydration, blending, leaching and salt ingress. With CemGEMS, you can:

  • Choose what you need from a score of real-data cement recipe templates covering relevant application areas
  • Select a template for Portland, blended or advanced cement, given in amounts of clinker minerals or as XRF chemical data
  • Compute partial-equilibrium hydrated phase assemblage and pore water composition using GEMS with Cemdata18 TDB
  • Compare initial and final volumes, masses, densities for phases in equilibrated and residual parts of cement recipe
  • Adjust mineralogical or chemical composition of cement recipe, its materials (Cement, SCM, Salt), and their constituents
  • Set/change water-binder (w/b) ratio, reaction extent (degree), temperature, pressure, and other parameters
  • Simulate various (templated) processes of cement hydration, blending, and degradation, presented as plots and tables
  • Follow the process of cement hydration as function of time using the built-in modified Parrot and Killoh kinetic model
  • Store your recipes, processes and results in your user profile, retrievable in web browsers running on multiple devices
  • Benefit from expertise of renowned cement chemists that maintain recipe and process templates, or contribute your own one

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