Project #'11'

Fracture Mechanics: Measurement and Modelling

Description of the Transversal project themes including deterioration of cement matrices, verification of performance and innovation

This project started on 01 September 2006 and ended on 31 August 2009

This project is Finished

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Lafarge Centre de Recherches, France
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

State of the Art : Though essential for the understanding of mechanical properties, not much data exist for fracture mechanical properties of mortars, particularly not at early ages. Furthermore, it has recently been realized that a proper fracture mechanical description of mortars should be done using non-linear fracture mechanics (cohesive crack models) usually only applied on the larger concrete scale. Only by applying non-linear fracture mechanics correct relationships will be obtained between crack opening and crack propagation , relationships which are essential for further progressing models linking micro-structure, damage and transport properties.
Objective and Innovation : Crack morphology will be investigated by means of an impregnation technique under development at DTU . Applying non-linear fracture mechanics to mortars is relatively new, thus experimental procedures will be developed for this purpose. These methods will replicate the inverse analysis methods developed recently for concrete. The project will further develop conceptual and possibly quantitative models for relationships between microstructure and fracture mechanical properties which will be tested thanks to the participation of Lafarge.



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